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Two-layer smoothie with strawberries and kiwi

00:05 min
61 kcal
Energy value:
Proteins - 1g
Carbs - 14g
Calculation of portions:

Strawberry lassi is an unusually tender and delicious milkshake based on natural yogurt with the addition of fruit. Thanks to the beautiful presentation, a two-layer cocktail will certainly surprise your guests with an original presentation and can be a great addition to dinner as a light dessert.

The harmonious combination of red berries, kiwi and banana make the lassi recipe a real storehouse of useful vitamins and trace elements. A spoonful of honey will give an amazing sweet flavor to this drink.

Strawberry kiwi smoothie is an unusually delicate and delicious drink that can be a wonderful dessert on a hot summer day, as well as a dietary snack for those who follow the figure.

A thick cocktail of their juicy strawberries, bananas and kiwis replenishes the daily supply of vitamins and trace elements, takes care of health and gives excellent well-being.

In addition to the amazing taste and beneficial effect, this drink can become a real decoration of the dessert table. It is enough to lay out smoothies in layers, and you will definitely surprise your guests with an original serving. 

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