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Raspberry cakes without oven

00:45 min
133 kcal
Energy value:
Fats - 5g
Proteins - 7g
Carbs - 14g
Calculation of portions:

Raspberry and cream dessert is a stunningly delicious and healthy dessert, light, moderately sweet, it will become a real decoration for any tea party or dinner party. The delicate harmonious taste of sweet and sour berries and cream will give you incredible pleasure.

Raspberry cake will be appreciated by your guests. And thanks to frozen berries from the trademark "4 Seasons", you can make a dessert of raspberries with cream even in winter. We share with you a simple recipe for raspberry cakes that even a novice cook can perform. 

Cooking Method
Chop the cookies. You can use a blender or, by the old proven method, a rolling pin. If you do not have chocolate cookies at hand, cream cookies or any other that has a crumbly structure will do
Beat the cream with sugar and vanilla sugar. Beat until a fluffy foam forms
Prepare transparent glasses. Next, we lay out all the ingredients in layers in turn: whipped cream, crushed cookies, raspberries and cream again, cookies and so on until all the components of the cake run out.
Cover the glasses with a film and send them to the refrigerator. If time permits, let the cakes stand in the refrigerator for 3 hours, if not, then the slightly chilled dessert is ready for use. Serve cakes decorated with raspberries and grated chocolate. Enjoy your meal!
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