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Walloon-style vegetable cutlets

green string beans, green peas, food additive "Profitex Bind Veggie" (wheat flour, potato starch, dietary fiber (beetroot), thickener (methylcellulose), salt, natural spices and their extracts: black pepper, garlic), onion, salt, garlic
Nutritional value per 100g of product:
Fats, g 0.3
Proteins, g 4
Carbohydrates, g 12.5
Caloric content, kcal 70
Rich in vitamins and microelements:
The content of chemical elements in 100 g of the ingredient
Green peas
Carotene 0,4 mcg
В1 0,34 mcg
В2 0,19 mcg
РР 2 mcg
С 25 mcg
E 0,2 mcg
В4 27 mcg
Na 2 mcg
К 285 mcg
Са 26 mcg
Mg 38 mcg
P 122 mcg
Fe 0,7 mcg
Se 1,9 mcg
String beans
Carotene 4 mcg
В1 0,1 mcg
В2 0,2 mcg
РР 0,5 mcg
С 20 mcg
E 6.3 mcg
В4 15,3 mcg
Na 2 mcg
К 260 mcg
Са 65 mcg
Mg 26 mcg
P 44 mcg
Fe 1,1 mcg
Se 0,6 mcg
F 19 mcg
В1 0,05 mcg
В2 0,02 mcg
РР 0,2 mcg
С 10 mcg
E 0,2 mcg
В4 6,1 mcg
Na 18 mcg
К 175 mcg
Са 31 mcg
Mg 14 mcg
P 58 mcg
Fe 0,8 mcg
H 0,9 mcg
Se 0,5 mcg
I 3 mcg
Co 5 mcg
F 31 mcg
B 200 mcg
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My Recipes