My Recipes

For more than 20 years we have been preserving vitamins and useful properties of vegetables for you!

We take care of you by controlling the quality of the product from the field to the store counter:

  • we grow all our vegetables in Russia, choosing the most suitable territory for each type according to climatic and geographical criteria,
  • for sowing, harvesting, processing, freezing, storage and transportation of our products, we use the most modern machinery and equipment that meet all international standards, norms and requirements of food safety,
  • all products are frozen in the first hours after harvesting from the field, which allows you to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and useful properties.

We produce products for you so that you spend more time with your family, not in the kitchen:

  • the production technology provides for cleaning, washing and slicing vegetables,
  • vegetable mixes are selected so as to maintain an optimal balance of taste and vitamin content,
  • ready meals will save your time without sacrificing quality and taste.

We appreciate you:

  • your wishes, comments, remarks, questions and feedback will not be ignored by our production team.

My Recipes