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Salad with chicken and sweet pepper

00:20 min
68 kcal
Energy value:
Fats - 2g
Proteins - 6g
Carbs - 3g
Calculation of portions:

Salad with chicken and bell pepper will be appreciated by the guests, because it surprisingly combines the delicate taste of vegetables and white meat.

Salad with sweet pepper and chicken will undoubtedly become an ornament of any festive table. It is perfect as a cold appetizer to white wine and impresses with its amazing balanced taste. A light but hearty salad with chicken and pepper is best served in a slightly chilled form to emphasize its taste as much as possible.

Even a beginner in the world of cooking can cope with a simple recipe of chicken and sweet pepper salad, and its original taste will be appreciated by guests and home.


Cooking Method
We salt the chicken fillet, grease it with olive oil and bake it in an aerogrill or fry it in a grill pan.Cut the onion into 8 pieces, mix with pepper, add salt and olive oil
Fry the vegetable mixture in a grill pan for 7-10 minutes . The finished fillet is cut into thin strips.
Tomatoes are cut into 4 parts. Combine fillets, tomatoes, arugula, onion and pepper.
Preparing the refueling. Mix olive oil, salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar, mustard and garlic passed through the press.
Pour the resulting mixture over the salad. A light and delicious snack is ready. Enjoy your meal!
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